April 2015

Helen and Rafik first visited Teksingh and met with headteacher and community leader Kamal Bikram. Having read about Kamal prior to their trek they asked their guides to take them to meet Kamal. Kamal told his story, how he was educated in Kathmandu and as a young man felt he should return to his village to help improve education there. He had been working at the school since 1997. The need to more classrooms and resources was clear and having met with Kamal a second time Helen and Rafik left Nepal with an initial idea of what was needed.

April 2015

Nepal was hit by two earthquakes. Helen and Rafik waited for news. There is no internet connection at the village, and there was no news by text...

May 2015

At last a text came from Kamal 'Everyone is fine in the village... but homes and the school are damaged. We hope for your helping hands.'

Months of interrupted communication followed, roads were damaged, electricity intermittent, travel hampered by poor roads and landslides.

The search for a partner charity began as Helen and Rafik knew expertise was needed to ensure expert help on the ground. Fundraising began slowly as Helen and Rafik talked with their friends and colleagues about the project and people began to offer their help.

January 2016

After many phone calls, emails and following up ideas Helen and Rafik found the charity who had funded the original build of the school and established a fundraising partnership with registered UK Charity Department of Children and Women's Centres Nepal. Their experience, an engineer located in Nepal and attention to due diligence at last meant there was a clear way to ensure the right resources could be provided to the school.

May 2016

DCWC Nepal visited the school, met with Kamal and secured a current assessment of needs. Stationary has been purchased for the children and 600m of water pipe to re-connect the drinking water supply.

October 2016

Helen and Rafik returned to the school and village to see the progress made and were able to give out awards at prize giving. They saw the water supply now in place and the site identified for compost toilets. The school now have a computer and their Nepali curriculum software so the purchase of a projector and screen has been agreed. Raising funds for the school build is slow, a new strategy for fundraising needs to be developed.

April 2018

We were delighted to see good progress at our visit this year.  We have  been able to supply stationery for all the children for a third year. A washing station is in place, library books have been purchased as well as new furniture. We enjoyed playing cricket with the children with the new cricket bats and balls donated along with chess sets! One of the temporary classrooms had blown away in a storm so we are still fundraising for new classrooms.